Sufi Way

About the Sufi Way

The Sufi Way’s approach to spiritual growth encourages both contemplative practice and the living of a full, balanced life that is present to both the joys and the suffering of the world. To these ends we facilitate inner school and service training programs, practice and study circles, meditation retreats, healing and worship services, cross-cultural pilgrimages, rites-of-passage, and individual spiritual guidance.

The Sufi Way is known particularly for the creation of musical meditations which evoke a sense of inner peace and communion, and for the inclusive use of teachings and practices from diverse sources. Also characteristic of the Sufi Way is an on-going search for ways to inspire change, both in individuals and in the world. An example of this is the sponsoring of interfaith ‘bearing witness’ pilgrimages to the Middle East and Asia as a means of citizen-to-citizen diplomacy across borders.

Public programs are sponsored regularly in Britain, Europe, and the United States, and an annual summer school is held in July-August, usually in Britain or Europe.

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