Sufi Contact

Sufi: A Sufi seeks the One in all, recognizing that all life comes from One Source. From this vision, a Sufi approaches the world, thinking and acting from a spirit of unity and respecting the individuality of others. A Sufi looks at what connects people and considers all human beings as brothers and sisters. A Sufi sees the different religions and traditions as different expressions inspired by the One Divine Spirit. Therefore a Sufi recognizes and respects them all. The word Sufi means wisdom of the heart that is purified from egotism and dogmatism. Sufism implies an attitude in which life is seen as an opportunity to raise one’s consciousness to this idea of unity.

Contact: A Sufi follows the Way of the Heart. It is a developmental path which leads toward the One. A Sufi tries to connect with his or her Inner Being, and at the same time to connect with the innermost being of others, and creation at large. To achieve this, a Sufi develops the heart, where real contact is made, and one is participating fully in life. A living heart is the bridge between inner and outer, between oneself and the other.

Sufi-Contact: Sufi-Contact is a democratic association based in the Netherlands (Vereniging Soefi-Contact). Sufi-Contact works from the Sufi Message as voiced by Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927), an Indian musician, mystic and Sufi Master. He brought the old tradition of Sufism to the West, suited for our modern era. Sufi-Contact is not connected to a specific religion or philosophy; it is open to all. It is therefore not necessary to adopt a certain religion or belief, nor to abandon one’s religion or tradition.
Sufi-Contact organizes public gatherings in which various aspects of the Sufi-Message are studied and practiced. These are the expressions of the brotherhood/sisterhood activities. The association also organizes the Universal Worship, services in which all world religions are honoured and scriptures of the world’s traditions are read. In this way the unity of religious ideals is expressed. Those who look for further spiritual development and wish to follow a path of inner development can become a student (mureed) of the Inner School. This Inner School facilitates inner development, through prayer, study, silence, meditation, etc., based on the methods transmitted by Hazrat Inayat Khan. Besides this, Sufi-Contact also organizes services and meetings focused on spiritual healing.

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